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Pacific® 6" Pad For FM-ME Mini Scrubber/Polisher - Brown

Available in various colors.

Manufacturers Item #973001

Pacific® B-1500 High RPM Cord-Electric Burnisher

Heavy-duty construction for years of high-gloss floors. 1,500 rpm delivering pad tip speeds over 7,850 ft/min. Motor: 1.5 hp; pad speed: 1500 rpm; pad diameter: 20". Pad driver: Flex driver; Voltage: 115V; Amps: 15. Power cord: 50', 14/3 STO, safety yellow.

Manufacturers Item #545401

Pacific® FM-20HD Single Speed Floor Machine - 20"

First-ever "safe start" indicator, start up without worry of the unit "taking off" on the operator. Convenient and instant handle adjustment from the operator position, no hard knobs or awkward levers! Safety interlock triggers with an additional upright lock-out, unit operates only when the operator is ready! Rugged, long-life construction with 10-year base warranty. Unique and rugged wrap around cord clamp and flare strain relief. One of the most versatile tools you can put in your clean and prep programs. Purpose Built® for almost any facility to perform. Motor: 1.5 hp, 66FR, AC; Gear box: Triple planetary. Brush/pad speed: 175 rpm; Equipped with pad driver: Yes. Voltage: 115V; Amps: 15; Power cord: 50', 14/3 STO.

Manufacturers Item #535411

Pacific® Medium Grit Brush For The Mini-Edger

Mal-Grit brush is for edge cleaning. Good for hard floor and grout cleaning applications.

Manufacturers Item #510950

Pacific® Mini-Edger Floor Scrubber/Polisher - 6 1/2"

Designed for easy handling, high performance and longevity. Ideal for stripping, scrubbing, spray buffing, sanding and bonnet cleaning. Brush RPM: 765. 1/8 hp motor; 115V. Direct drive gear box.

Manufacturers Item #515451

Pacific® S-20 Orbital Scrubber w/BatteryShield™ - 20"

Training graphics are on the control panel. New or experienced operators learn as easy as 1, 2, 3! Clean on your schedule with sound levels down to 63 dBA. Brush motor: 1.0 hp; Vacuum motor: .51 hp, 2-stage. Drive type: traction; Drive motor: .25 hp. 155AH battery. Battery run time: Up to 4 hours; on-board charger.

Manufacturers Item #855417

Pacific® S-32 Disk Scrubber w/BatteryShield™-32",260AH

1, 2, 3-step training graphics and QR codes on the control panel! Automatic brush on/off system. HEPA filtration protects indoor air quality. Solution capacity: 22 Gal.; Pad/Brush size: (2) 16" disks. Brush motor: (2) 1.0 hp; Vacuum motor: .7 hp, 3-stage. (4) 6V 260 AH (wet) batteries; On-board charger.

Manufacturers Item #875423

Pacific® Triumph® 1190 Self-Contained Extractor - 16"

Features an 11 gallon solution and 9 gallon recovery tank. A powerful 3-stage vac motor produces 137" of waterlift for better water retrieval, faster drying. 45" L x 16.5" W x 40" H; Weighs 100 lbs. Pump: demand/100 psi; Cord Length: 50'. Electrical: 115V, 60 Hz, 3-wire ground.

Manufacturers Item #F1190W

Pacific® WAV-30 Wide Area Upright Vacuum - 30"

CRI certified performance and only unit that comes standard with an off-board turbo head tool. Low noise at 70 dBA. Brush motor: .3 hp. Vacuum motors: (2) 1 hp single stage. Productivity per hour: 10,000 ft2.

Manufacturers Item #655402