Car / Truck Wash & Detailing


Rex Luster Rex Fleet Wash

Rinse away freely. Quickly dissolves dirt. A super concentrated fleet cleaner that produces a rich volume of suds. Use on cars, buses, fire and rescue trucks, boats and airplanes. Helps protect the new shine and appearance throughout the life of the vehicle. Wash and obtain a lustrous finish in only one step application.
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Rex No Streak Car Wash

Removes the toughest grease and grime. Specially formulated for washing automobiles. It easily loosens and removes the toughest dirt and grime from vehicles and will not harm even the most delicate finishes. Makes abundant suds, but contains no soap or harsh alkalies. Also saves time by not requiring you to chamois the car, just rinse the suds off with clean water. To use pre-rinse vehicle a stream of clean water. Apply No Streak Car Wash solution with a sponge, cloth, mop or brush and then hose off with clean water. Then watch as the car dries free of streaks and smudges.
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