Drain & Sewer Maintenance


Rex Digest-All Drain Degreaser & Deodorizer - 5 Gal. Pail

Contains cultured bacteria, malodor counteractants and surfactants that are capable of digesting proteins, starches, fats, and grease. Eliminates the causes of bad odors.  PAIL
Manufacturers Item #0802-0090051

Rex Kaustin Drain Opener & Grease Emulsifier - Gal. Case/4

A special product for emulsifying and dissolving grease, oils, fats, food, etc. Will not harm pipes or disposals. An exceptionally effective product for use in restaurant grease traps, septic tanks and sewer drains. Will not disrupt the action of bacteria in septic tanks.  CASE
Manufacturers Item #0504-0010041

Rex Lift/Trap Cleaner Drain Treatment - Gal. Case/4

Formulated to be a fast break emulsification system, possessing degreasing and detergent properties which cleans the vertical surfaces of lift station wet wells an similar treatment facilities. The product is added directly to lift station wet wells in its concentrated form for effortless cleaning. Cleaning and degreasing is accomplished by the rise and fall of the water level. The cleaner removes the debris from the sides of wet well. This product has the ability to seal offensive odor. Sewage flows into lift station wet wells to be pumped to treatment facilities; accumulation of sewage, grease, oils, fatty acids and calcium and magnesium soaps form deposits on the walls. These deposits reduce volume capacity of wet wells and emit offensive odors. To return lift stations to optimum efficiency, this accumulation of debris must be removed substantially.  CASE
Manufacturers Item #0505-0230041

Rex Penetrin Drain Opener & Maintainer

A powerful acid based, "organic digester". It liquifies practically all drain stoppages. Used regularly helps eliminate dangerous build-ups. To use Penetrin, remove excess water from sink, drain or toilet prior use. Do not pour into standing eater or completely stopped drain. Do not use where other drain chemicals, hot water, or bleach are present. Use with adequate ventilation. Use from this container only and do not transfer to other containers.
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