Floor Cleaners


Rex Sure Step Floor Cleaner & Maintainer

A general cleaner for quarry and ceramic tile floors, specially formulated to remove food particles, soils and stains, leaving a clean fresh odor. 100% Biodegradable and does not leave residue, making floors safer and slip resistant. Restores quarry and ceramic tile to its original porous condition. Do not use on floor previously treated with floor finish, wax or sealer.
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Rex CLK 2 Neutral Floor Cleaner For Automatic Scrubbers

A neutral floor cleaner to be used with automatic scrubbers. Using CLK 2 will effectively and safely clean high gloss floors without dulling or removing floor finish leaving a fresh scent. Use of CLK 2 regularly will allow your floors to maintain its shine while reducing the need to strip and recoat them. This will reduce labor cost. May be used on any type of floor; ceramic tile, stone, PVC tile and concrete floors. Contains corrosion inhibitors to minimize corrosion and prolong life of your automatic scrubber machine.
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Rex CLK1 Automatic Scrubber Floor Cleaner

Contains a special blend of water soluble degreasers, alkalines and detergents to make it the perfect product for automatic scrubbers. It will quickly and effectively cut loose and emulsify the heaviest deposits of dirt, grease and grime. This product will not clog any hoses and minimizes corrosion to metal parts, thus prolonging the life of the equipment. Helps control foaming inside recovery tank which helps to prevent unnecessary repairs.
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Rex Grout Cleaner For Ceramic Tile Floor - Gal. Case/4

Rex Grout Cleaner with fragrance is the most effective acid base detergent to restore your tile grout like new. No heavy scrubbing is needed. Use as ready to use product for heavy soiled, spraying directly on tile grout and let stand for 1-2 minutes, then scrub lightly with a brush and rinse with water.  CASE
Manufacturers Item #0505-0215041

Hillyard Arsenal® 1 #10 Top Clean® Cleaner - 2.5 L

A fast acting synthetic cleaner that removes the soil and leaves the shine. Super concentrated for economical cost-in-use. Low foam formula.  CASE
Manufacturers Item #HIL0081025

Hillyard Arsenal® 1 #38 Suprox® Multi-Purpose - 2.5 L

This multi purpose, stabilized hydrogen peroxide and natural citrus solvent cleaner provides highly effective cleaning. Green Seal™ Certified. Citrus scent. Dilutes at 3 ounces per gallon.  CASE
Manufacturers Item #HIL0083825

Hillyard Super Shine-All® - Gal.

It is perfect for cleaning resilient tile, asphalt tile, vinyl floors, synthetic floors, terrazzo, quarry tile, paver brick, natural stone, and coated wood floors. Excellent choice for damp mopping and auto scrubbing. Effective in hard or soft, hot or cold water. Concentrated, neutral pH formula won't harm your floor finish. Protective sheen helps preserve and protect. Phosphate free. Biodegradable. Dilutes from 1:128 to 1:42; Certified Kosher. Green Seal™ Certified.  CASE
Manufacturers Item #HIL0014006

Hillyard Top Clean® Cleaner - Gal.

A fast-acting, synthetic cleaner that removes the soil and leaves the shine. It is specially formulated for metal cross-linked finishes as it preserves the high-gloss appearance without leaving a dulling build-up. Top Clean has a neutral pH formula designed to attack dirt without harming your floor or your floor finish. Certified kosher. NSF® C1.  CASE
Manufacturers Item #HIL0014406

Rex USA No Rinse Neutral Cleaner

Will not remove floor finish. A special labor saving cleaner that will clean high gloss floor finish without dulling. Using this product regularly will allow your floors to maintain an excellent shine while reducing the need to recoat floors. May be used to clean all types of floors including painted surfaces. Low foaming for effective use with floor machine and automatic scrubber. Deodorizes as it cleans, leaving a fresh scent.
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