Food Service Specialty Cleaners


Rex Chlori De-Foam Foaming Chlorinated Cleaner

A heavy duty, liquid chlorinated cleaner, high foaming detergent, biodegradable. Contains water softener and corrosion inhibitor to protect the metal equipment. Ideal to clean stainless steel, concrete floors and quarry tile. Avoid contact with aluminum and painted surfaces. Recommended for poultry, seafood and meat plants, dairies, restaurants, and bakeries. Removes protein blood and deodorizes.
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Rex Denaturant Green Dye - Gal. Case/4

FD & C green solution. A chemical denaturant for the purpose of identifying meat and poultry carcasses and products intended for disposal as tankage. Contains FDA approved certified color for foods, drugs and cosmetics in water solution for easier handling and application. The green color penetrates both the meat and fat layer and will not wash off under ordinary conditions. It is to be used in federal inspect meat, poultry, rabbit and egg plants to visibly identifying meat and poultry carcasses as inedible.  CASE
Manufacturers Item #0802-0070041

Rex Mineral Oil Food Grade

The outstanding versatility makes it applicable for a wide variety of uses. It is ideal for cleaning and protecting stainless steel and also used in furniture restoration. The best alternative when you need a biodegradable lubricant. Contains the highest level of purity, derived from the most careful acid treatment refining methods available. It is colorless, odorless, tasteless.
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Rex Sanilite Mineral Acid Cleaner

A concentrated low-foaming mineral acid cleaner designed to remove rust, hard water, grease and protein scale while minimizing metal corrosion. Contains no harsh muriatic acid. Cleans and brightens stainless steel, aluminum and galvanized metals. USDA authorized and is recommended to be used in food service equipment and dishwashing machines, also is effective when used on bathroom tiles, walls, floors, cement trucks, stainless steel and aluminum parts, toilet bowls, urinals and showers.
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