Warewashing Manual Chemicals


Rex Dtarnish Stainless Steel Flatware Cleaner - Gal. Case/4

A revolutionary simple stainless steel flatware dip method cleaner. Works quickly and easily, no need for scrubbing.  CASE
Manufacturers Item #0901-0070041

Rex EZ Cleaner Flatware Cleaner & Detarnisher - 8 lb. Case/2

EZ Cleaner granular is a fast-acting product used in a soaking method for cleaning silverware and flatware.  CASE
Manufacturers Item #0902-0030321

Rex Klin Pots & Pans Liquid Detergent

Will leave your dirtiest pots and pans sparkling clean. This product has been specially formulated to leave no residue after rinsing with water.
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Rex Pot & Pan Liquid Cleaner

Recommended for nutritional departments, industrial kitchens, food processing plants, etc. Removes the toughest grease and food stains. The citrus scent and solvent is formulated to create an emulsion that cleans greasy residues, cooking deposits, sugars, starches and carbons. 100% biodegradable. Contains sufficient stabilized foam to work excellently in all water hardness conditions.
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Rex Rex-O For Dishes, Pots & Pans - 55 Gal. Drum

A pure transparent viscous liquid concentrate which combines emulsifiers and the latest synthetic wetting agents to float away grease and soils. Mild on hands as it has a neutral pH. Can be used anywhere. Its shampoo like properties will not harm any surface.  DRUM
Manufacturers Item #0901-0010551

Rex Super Suds Manual Dishwashing Cleaner

A super concentrated cleaner for jobs that require rich amounts of suds, such as hand dishwashing, glassware, pots and pans, floors and car washing. Easy on hands, has a neutral pH, dissolves and removes quickly grease, and food stains and rinses freely for steak free and shiny finish.
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