Floor Sealers


Hillyard Trilogy® Seal 341® Sealer - Gal.

Trilogy® System III. Enhanced the rich, natural colors of hard floors without leaving a shiny, plastic-looking surface. Also seals resilient tile floor to create a smooth, unbroken base for high speed finishes. Versatile enough to be used as a top coat on resilient floors. Not only enhances the natural colors in hard floors, it protects all floors from dirt, spills, and abrasions that come from heavy traffic.  CASE
Manufacturers Item #HIL0034106

Rex USA Undercoater Sealer

A combination of crystal clear, emulsified, synthetic resins and highly concentrated to provide one coat of sealing properties. The ideal undercoater for subsequent coats of wax or polymer floor finishes. Advantages are fills crevices and seals pores in floors, forming an excellent foundation for floor polish. Primes floors before applying floor finish. Clear film enhances original floor colors. Dries rapidly and can be coated over in 30 minutes.
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Rex USA Ureseal 22% Water Based Sealer/Finisher -5 Gal. Pail

A water-based floor sealer/finisher for hard, cement and terrazzo floors.  PAIL
Manufacturers Item #4400-0095051