2XL Corp GymWipes Professional Refill - 700 ct.

Thick, durable 8" x 6" towelette. Alcohol-free, bleach-free, phenol-free. One wipe will clean any piece of equipment! Pure & Clear formula for residue-free cleaning.  CASE
Manufacturers Item #2XL-38

HOSPECO® Airlaid White Wiper - 12" x 13"

Economical wiper that is quite versatile for use in a variety of applications. Use for wiping hands, cleaning spills, disposable washcloth, grease and oil.  CASE
Manufacturers Item #M-A7063

WypAll® X80 Reusable Wiper - 12.5" x 16.8", Blue

Extended use cloths. Features high-tech HydroKnit fast-absorbing material and are durable for scrubbing. Reinforced for strength when wet and dry.  CASE
Manufacturers Item #041041